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 GutterLIFE(We Are Triumphant Records)/The Nightmare police

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PostSubject: GutterLIFE(We Are Triumphant Records)/The Nightmare police   Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:15 pm

Hey everyone!

I will be going through and emailing everyone in the promoters topic after this.

I sing and play guitar in The Nightmare Police and acoustic punk duo from Long Island. We're hitting the road in one vehicle with GutterLIFE(We Are Triumphant Records).

We're looking for some help in the Northern Ohio area on Sunday November 9th. I know it's kind of short notice but we're not looking for a guarantee and we're all down to earth cool people that just like to hang out, play music and make new friends.

If you can help us out let me know and I'll send you over links to the music but both bands stuff is available on all digital media outlets including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp etc.

Thanks guys!

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GutterLIFE(We Are Triumphant Records)/The Nightmare police
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